Lose Some, Win Some: 50 Cent Spills His Lowest & Proudest Life Moments


What goes down, must come up.


 There are certain things artists do that I can’t get away with. Eminem could put on a dress as a joke and people will go, “Oh that’s Eminem.” 50 Cent will do it and they’ll have a heart attack. 

 Hip-hop culture, it shifts. Consumers have a low attention span. They want as much as possible when you’re in that window and then you’ll see a new artist come out and see him all over the place. 

 My grandparents, because they had nine children, didn’t have anything that you would look at and say, “This is the lifestyle I want to be a part of.” [There wasn’t anything] that would influence you to want to go in [their] direction. 

 I don’t respect enough of the artists to be out on everyone’s record. It just doesn’t make sense to me. You know whose career makes a lot of sense to me? Andre 3000’s does. He’s still interesting. 

 I regret not going into film production faster. I [have] an interest in the storytelling process in filmmaking, but I never really allowed myself to go into it with the same type of focus and excitement that I do with music. 


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