Necole Spills About The Aftermath of Chrihannagate


“I’ve only been around for two years so of course the biggest [story] I’ve had is the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna [situation]. I published the first post (“Did Chris Brown hit Rihanna?”) fast because the news [said Chris] had ‘a run in with the cops and a confrontation with his girlfriend.’ So I put two and two together like, “Oh something went down!” When everyone was constantly bashing Chris, I was coming from [the] stance: ‘You don’t know what happened in that car’ and that was creating a lot of traffic. It was a confusing time because people expected me to stay neutral [when] I’m a blogger. That’s the point of us— we’re biased. For you to ask me to be a journalist…now you’re taking away the purpose of my site. I didn’t get it. [Chris] actually sent me a Twitter [direct] message one day and was like, ‘I just wanna let you know I appreciate everything you did.’ That was the first time I’d ever heard from him. To this day if I post something about [him] or Rihanna, I’m guaranteed a bunch of comments. Their fans go hard.”

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