The New Workout Plan: Trina Reveals How She Keeps It Tight


Foxy and Kim made rapping about their assets cool, but Trina made having a fatty an arrestable offense (in a good way). Ms. Million Dollar Girl has graced the pages of men’s magazines seen on newstands around the world, so she must be doing something right. Check out her key fitness tips and work your way to killer curves. (Note to fellas: Show this to your girl, she’ll get the hint). —Starrene Rhett


Stay Hydrated

“Drink a lot of water, that’s number one.”

Workout But Don’t Overdo It

“I’m not a workout-aholic but I do spend three to four times a week in the gym. I don’t do a lot of lifting because I don’t want to look bulky, but I do a lot of cardio. I do 30 minutes of cardio. I outside-sprint, which is really good for me. The reason I ended up learning to love it is because I learned the difference between running on the treadmill and having something under your feet to help you out as opposed to running outside and there’s nothing to catch your feet on the ground, so if you don’t sprint, you’re gonna fall. That’s how I transition between inside working out and outside working out but it’s definitely great. Toning is good for me too.”