Odd Couples: Hip-Hop’s 10 Strangest Collaborations


For the right price, most rappers are willing to collaborate with just about anyone. How else can you explain why the entire world was subjected to that god-awful collaboration between pop trio LFO and—welp!—M.O.P. a few years back? (yeah, we haven’t forgotten that one, fellas!) The practice has resulted in other super-strange pairings recently, too. Just a few weeks ago, the Internet went nuts over a recent song recorded by Atlanta trapper Gucci Mane and conscious MC Talib Kweli called “Poltergeist.” And more recently, Bow Wow announced that Jadakiss would be executive producing the Cash Money recruit’s next album. A-ha!?

But those examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weird rap collabos. To prove it, we tracked down hip-hop’s 10 strangest collaborations. And then ranked each one of them them by weighing them on our trusty FAIL scale to see how well they held up once they were released. Click through to see where they stand. —Chris Yuscavage