Pandora’s Box: D-Nice Explains Life When The Music Stops [Pg 3]


Who is your favorite photographer?

I have three: Henry Cartier-Bresson, Jim Marshall, and Gordon Parks. Gordon is my absolute favorite. He was a director and the first black photographer for Life Magazine. He was also an editor and publisher, and he directed the original “Shaft” movie.

What would be your perfect photo? What would you capture?

My daughter Ashli is my favorite subject. I want to photograph her in South Afric Cape Town is one of my favorite cities and it would be amazing to capture images of her there. I’m going to make it happen next year.

Tell me about your shoot with Halle Berry?

One of my favorite images is of Halle and Tyra [Banks]. Tyra contacted me about a shoot for her [talk] show, they didn’t tell me who it was for until I got there. All of a sudden someone said, “You got three minutes with Halle.” I freaked out! She came down just as beautiful and natural. With Halle’s smile and Tyra’s eyes, it was awesome!

When you shoot women, what do you look for?

Eyes, its always the eyes. For me, I look into a women’s eyes and it tells her story—whether she is hurt, or in love. Her eyes say it all. I love taking portraits of women.

 What’s your favorite camera?

 The Leica, I shoot with two of them. The M9 is digital, the M6 is film. I love digital; I like being able to upload right away. My M9 goes everywhere with me, that’s my baby.

 How do you feel about dating?

 After being married, dating was weird at first, but I’ve adjusted.

Would you get married again?

At first I thought “Nah, I’m cool, I tried it,” but, it would be wrong of me to say that. I might meet someone that I’m head over heels in love with, so I’m not against it. I love relationships, I love coming home to someone, I love family. To say I’ll never would be wrong. I might be blocking God’s blessings.

Do you feel like people blame you for your divorce?

No, I don’t. It wasn’t any one persons fault. I wouldn’t shift the blame, it just didn’t work out. Life is about learning and growing.

What do you look for in a woman?

It’s always been about her eyes and smile. I don’t need an amazing body, I don’t judge women based on that. I like to converse on life, politics and family. That’s my thing, I need to be able to talk to you about anything.

Are you one of those guys that want a woman to cook and clean?

No, I don’t need that all of the time. I’ll cook and clean for my woman. I will even do her laundry if necessary. I actually enjoy doing my own laundry. It can be therapeutic. I cook meals. These simple things count to me.

You tweeted a quote that I thought was deep. “No man succeeds without a good woman behind him, wife or mother, if it is both, he is twice blessed.”

I’ve always been surrounded by great women. Women have always taken care of me. I’m inspired by a young woman; my daughter Ash. She’s part of the reason I carry a camera I want her to see what’s out there so she can be motivated to live life to the fullest

What is your description of happiness?

I’m at the point in life where I’m extremely happy. I’ve done some great things; I’ve travelled the world, and met some wonderful people. I’ve accomplished almost everything I’ve set out to do in life. Self-freedom makes me happy. I now know who I am. I don’t need a relationship to define me, it’s about always being able to define myself.

What can we expect from Derrick Jones?

My love of filmmaking dates back to my childhood. I have a collection of nearly 2,000 movies at home. I’ve always wanted to produce and direct. I started a web series called True Hip-Hop Stories. It’s a documentary series where I allow old school artist to tell their own stories. They may not have sold millions of records but their stories are important to the culture. I also have another series called Soul Survivors, which is similar to THHS, but the focus is on R&B artists. You can find me DJing on the Hennessy Artistry tour, opening for the Roots and Q-Tip. I photographed the campaign for the tour and there will be an exhibition of my images at each venue. Sometimes I just look back and I think, “Wow, I’ve truly been blessed.”



Mashonda’s Last Words…


My grandmother always says that; wisdom is just one of those things that come with age and experience. She also stressed that it is fair to embrace your hard- ships, that there is always a lesson to learn from them.

D-Nice is one of the few artists in the record industry that has been able to continuously reinvent himself. He used what he considers to be a “rut” to evolve into being an entrepreneur. Today, he is one of the most sought after DJ’s in pop/urban culture. He has also started his climb towards being the next Gordan Parks. D-Nice is a role model and a motivation to all.





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