Raekwon Speaks On Performing ’36 Chambers’ At Rock The Bells, ODB’s Son


Raekwon reflects on performing Wu-Tang’s landmark album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) at Rock The Bells in Los Angeles

This was the first time we [performed 36 Chambers] and we wanted to let everybody know we were going to know every word. We let the skits play—we really didn’t have no particular routine. Just laughing about that Torture skit. It definitely felt like flashing back to the times, seeing Method Man sing the whole (“Method Man”) song and know it. It was fun again. That’s what hip hop is: having lyrics and having fun.
That’s what I was getting out of performing that album. With every song I was just getting more excited. You got 60,000 people looking at you, and you’re just seeing everybody going in because they feel it and they feel the lyrics. They were in [the present and the past] at the same time.
To see ODB’s son there is definitely a blessing. It’s like we’re looking right at our brother again. He came in and he gave us the authority [ODB] would’ve gave us. It was a good feeling when I seen him. I’m like, “Wow, he looks just like his father.” It’s like Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo [Laughs]. But at the same time I’m watching him, because he’s still a little loose, so I got to try to keep my arm around his neck and let him know to slow down. But that’s what it is when you represent your pops, so I wasn’t even mad. But I’m still looking at him like Scrappy Doo. [Laughs] I love him though, you got to love him.
Saturday is the New York one—that’s where I’m from so it’s going to be crazy. You might just see me in the crowd. When it’s events like this, I go back into kid form and I really want to be able to see the show from beginning to the end. Because I’m moving with the Clan and there’s a lot of people I haven’t actually got a chance. The only one I got to see is Snoop—Snoop did his thing. We’re getting up at ten o’clock to get there because come on man Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS, Tribe—that ain’t coming no time soon. Might as well get it right now.
You never know what’ll happen [Saturday], all my friends are always invited if they want to get on the mic. It’s all about how were feeling at that time. We always have open arms for real niggas that come to support. —
As told to John Kennedy

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