Reality TV Recap: TO Hits Up Kentucky Derby, Ochocinco Likes Goofballs

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The T.O. Show

TO accompanied Kita to her hometown, West Bubblef*ck, Kentucky during Kentucky Derby weekend. Her family seemed really sweet and down to Earth, especially her grandmother who allowed TO to stay at their home to Kita’s chagrin. They had a nice Southern dinner and TO seemed to fit in well with the family. It was nice to watch. However, it was clear that Kita has definitely come a long way from her small town roots. They went to the Kentucky derby, where TO got the kooky idea that he wanted a horse. Despite TO actually going to a stable to check out some mares and stallions, Kita shut his ambitions down (um, hello, he could barely handle a dog). Coincidentally, Kita’s visit home coincided with her high school reunion. She was initially hesitant because she didn’t want to answer questions about why she’s still single with no kids, which is clearly a sore spot, but TO encouraged her to attend anyway (he was her date) and the night was tons of fun.

The trip went well but when Kita got back to L.A. to check in with Mo about what went on, Mo went off. Mo claimed that Kita did way too much traveling in the past few weeks and that she was too busy chasing after TO than doing real work (ouch). She also threatened to start making decisions without Kita. It was really harsh but maybe it was the pregnancy hormones talking (either that, or the fact that she was jealous because she couldn’t travel because of her bun in the oven). Kita wasn’t going to let Mo yell at her like a child so the pair went back and forth in a screaming match with the episode ending with kita storming out after knocking some coffee off Mo’s desk (yikes). This isn’t the first major argument they’ve had in the show’s history so hopefully they’ll make up sooner than later.

Here’s an interesting theory: Could Kita and Mo be jealous of each other, which might cause some of their friction. Think about it, Kita is living the single life while Mo is bogged down with a husband and kids. In some weird way they might each want what the other has. What do you think?

Ochocinco: Ultimate Catch

Ochocinco dipped out of his love search for a few weeks because of mini camp in Cincinnati so he brought the final four ladies to him. They were happy to see him but it wasn’t all fun and games when they realized that they were going to have individual sessions with Ochocinco’s psychologist. The point of that was to see which of the ladies was the least crazy really ready to be with him. Tiphani fared well (plus the fact that she later got it in with Ochocinco after drunkenly coming on to him in his hotel room probably helped her cause too), while Rubi’s status was a shaky because the psychologist wasn’t sure she’d be ready to date an athlete.

Brittany seemed cool. However, she revealed that baby daddy drama was a strong possibility. And Tara…le sigh. She was so sarcastic with the psychologist, claiming to be pregnant and saying other outrageous things during their session that once again, she was considered the joker and seen as a suspect candidate for Ochocinco’s girl. During eliminations Ochocinco made a big production out of displaying Tara’s taped shrink session just to see how silly she was acting but he still kept her. He at least kept it real by calling himself a fool for that decision but maybe he actually wants to help her secure her own show after their relationship doesn’t work out. At the end of the day, Brittany went home. The prospect of baby daddy drama was scarier than a woman who acted like a court jester.

Is Tara really there for Ochocinco or are her wisecracking antics just a ploy to launch her own reality TV career?