Reality TV Recap: Ochocinco Chooses Final Two, TO Lands Movie Role

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Ochocinco’s Ultimate Catch

Ochocinco took the last of his harem his final four ladies to Miami to meet his family. The ladies were pissed that Tara was still in the game because they felt that she isn’t seirous about the competition (um, it’s all about getting a spin off these days, don’t knock Tara). So of course, while the women were being introduced to Ochocinco’s brothers, there was a lot of bickering going on. However, eventually the women had one on ones with each of Ochocinco’s brothers and Tara was still up to her usual sarcasm, which didn’t go over very well. Ochocinco’s brothers convinced him to cut her loose so she was finally clipped. Tiphani and Rubi got the chance to meet Mama Ochocinco at a nice dinner where she gave them a hard time (while Brittany was sick in her hotel room). She thought Rubi’s dress was too slutty but that didn’t stop Ochocinco from advancing her to the finals. Tiphani (the only black woman left) ended up going home, which wasn’t a real shocker considering his affinity for Latina women. Next week we watch him pretend to pick his “ultimate catch,” when in reality, there was a strong possibility that he was creeping with Evelyn Lozada all this time. Rubi is probably going to win the competition but in the end, we all got played. Can’t wait for the reunion special!


The TO Show

Terrell revealed that he wanted to transition into acting (surprise, surprise) and just like that he landed a reading with Tatyana Ali. He struggled a little during the audition but seemed to take direction well. Luckily for him, the role he read for was a pro athlete. Once he loosened up and got more focus, he did a decent job and landed the role. The casting agents at the audition said that with more coaching TO can pursue a serious career (like everyone else and their mama). However, we’ll probably be seeing that first film on DVD (or BET) really soon, followed by Tyler Perry Presents: Good Times On Ice.

Mo apologized to Kita for coming on too strong last week (she realized it was probably the pregnancy hormones that made her bug out). Their reconciliation came just in time because Mo went into labor shortly after and gave birth to her third boy. She initially hoped it would be her first girl but once she heard the baby cry, she forgot all about that. Speaking of children, it was revealed that TO has another child that he had not met yet. And the saga continues…