Reality TV Recap: Ochocinco Likes Cocky Women



Ochocinco took Rubi, his number one player, and Candice, the underdog, to San Francisco because he hadn’t spent any alone time with them yet. At dinner Rubi revealed that she wasn’t familiar with Ochocinco before the show and that it was her sister who signed her up (there’s always one, smh). Candice tried to use that against Rubi, claiming that she was the better woman for Ochocinco because she knew a lot about him beforehand. However, Rubi was not fazed by Candice trying to take her out. In fact, she was very combative while at the dinner table. The pair engaged in a brief verbal sparring match that earned Rubi more points with Ochocinco. Despite being disappointed in Rubi’s lack of knowledge and cockyness about her position, Ochocinco was obviously in serious lust with her (he ogled her whenever he got the chance) so at that point, she probably couldn’t do any wrong unless it was discovered that she had a boyfriend. Plus, he clearly had a fetish for Latina women.

Meanwhile, one of the women in the house left the competition because her grandfather was terminally ill. This kept underdog Heather from going home after a second group date to Dave & Buster’s. Candice wasn’t so lucky in the end. Her way of trying to convince Ochocinco why she was the one,  just came made her seem like a chatterbox stan. And agian, Ochocinco was in lust, borderline obsessed with Rubi. Moral of the story, hot girls awlays win.



TO accompanied Mo to her birthing class since her hubby couldn’t make it. It was awkward to watch because TO was instructed to rub her belly from various weird, intimate positions. His experience with that class must have given him baby fever because he got a random idea to buy a dog—a Maltese poodle, of all things (picture this big football player with a Maltese, side eye). Mo and Kita tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn’t budge so they reached a practical solution—dog sitting. TO borrowed one of his homegirl’s Shitzus for a couple of days. The Shitzu, named Bourgette (complete with a pink bow in her hair), was needy, wimpery and at one point TO left her alone in his room to head to the gym for a little while and came back to a hot mess. Bourgette had a field day destroying his shoes and pooping on the floor. He realized that owning a dog was not the move and opted to spend time with his daughters instead. That was really all he needed to do in the first place, but the hilarity of him entertaining a little fluffy dog made for great television.