Reality TV Recap: TO Wants Kita To Find A Man, TO Hates Cat Women


Ochocinco took his gaggle of prissy chicks camping for more bonding and cattiness. His first match up date was with Tiphani and Courtney and Tiphani threw Courtney under the bus. Courtney unwittingly set herself up for the drama by talking excessively about her cat named Sassaphrass. It’s one thing to love you pet but Courtney was really creepy. She kept talking about how much she missed her cat and tried to explain to the women how she and the cat conversed. In the end, she got the boot. Even Ochocinco was weirded out.

The second match up date was between smart mouth Tara and weakling Heather. Heather set herself up in the beginning because she revealed at a camp fire, that she had trust issues with men. By the time they were one on one with Ochocinco, he gave each woman the opportunity to explain to him why she was a better match and Tara shut Heather down by bringing up her trust issues and the fact that she was too mousy for Ochocinco. He agreed with Tara. B- – tches always seem to win.


TO and Kita threw a surprise baby shower for MO. But the plot thickened when Joe, Kita’s ex-married flame showed up. TO invited him in hopes that Kita would give him a chance but she was still being stubborn. In case you‘re lost, what happened was, Kita was dating Joe for over a year before he revealed the he was still married. However, he was working on finalizing his divorce. It’s true that he should have mentioned it earlier but Kita is also being really stubborn. TO and MO could see that Joe is really into her. Eventually Joe got Kita to talk to him one on one and he apologized for taking so long to tell her but also professed his love to her. She said she needed some time to think and his last words, before he left her alone, were something along the lines of him loving her and that he’d be waiting for her for whenever she was ready to talk. Hopefully, Kita eventually stops trying to be a hard ass because Joe does seem really sincere. And we all wondered from the first season why she was chronically single…