Reflections: Bun B On Marriage, Jay-Z Lessons, ‘Big Pimpin’


Just growing old.

Growing old together and sharing your experiences?

I mean, just growing old together. [I wish we] had a little bit more time to see things and talk about things but you don’t question that. You just keep going.

What moment in your life made you the happiest?

It’s probably a tie between the day I got married and the day my granddaughter was born. Both of them were so family-oriented. Both of these occasions, we had all the people that we love the most around us to celebrate the event. It was very real.

What have you learned from being married? How has it made you better?

I think the one thing that I learned from being married, which a lot of people probably don’t understand, is that when married people break up it’s not always about sex or infidelity. When you’re married to somebody and you’re in a committed relationship, you live in a house together, sharing responsibilities and people don’t hold up their end of the deal it’s just like any other group activity. If you’re not holding up your part of the deal somebody’s gon’ call you out on it.

It’s a compromise.

Absolutely. And I’ve never really had to compromise anything in my life so being married I’ve learned a lot about myself.

You’ve said that your wife isn’t a fan of fame. I would imagine that helps keep your marriage happy.

That’s probably the number one reason why my wife and I are still together. My wife in no way wants to embrace the lifestyle that I have. People may think that’s funny because they see my wife with me everywhere I go, but that’s because I beg her to come everywhere because there’s always something nice to see. But at the same time it also comes with cameras and autographs and people pulling on you. She’s not about that.

Would you ever do a reality show with your family?

Not with my family. Nah. It’s not worth the money. For one, you don’t get to really dictate what the finished content is. Once you sell the rights they pretty much own everything they film and I don’t know if I want people to see everything that goes on in my house with me everyday. I don’t think people want to see me wake up in the morning and sit on the sofa with no shirt on watching the news. That’s not everybody’s business. I think there’s enough people out there who need to be famous that reality TV can hire than me. I have a good job. It gives me more than enough notoriety as it is. I don’t need anything else to invite people into my privacy or into my private space.

What have you learned from Jay-Z? Do you talk to him regularly?

I think if I had to learn one thing it was that if you want to be a star then get ready to shine. Because my whole thing was that this record [“Big Pimpin’”] was gonna bring us a lot of notoriety and it did but at the same time we as a team weren’t really ready to capitalize on everything that we got from that song. The next time we have a big opportunity to impact the market like this we gotta be ready to move on it. But then again at the same time we didn’t have an alternative plan for when the label was saying “let’s just do Big Pimpin’” Part two. We didn’t have an alternative marketing strategy to go against them at that time.

So that was like a missed opportunity?

I wouldn’t say a missed opportunity ’cause we got a lot of shows and a lot of things out of it but you just gotta be careful about that sometimes. At the end of the day it probably worked out the way it’s supposed to.

Have you ever had any emotional breakdown in your life or are you a pretty calm person?

Yeah, probably when [Pimp C] first got locked up. Definitely. I didn’t handle that well. Because I couldn’t see any positive out of the situation. I couldn’t see any way to really keep a group alive for four years when half the group was in prison.

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