Rising Resilience: Staying Fresh When Life Stinks


As women, it’s no question that we wear different hats: professional, student, girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, superwoman. And often times we may know how to care for everyone but ourselves. So when things get overwhelming, how do we handle it all? How do you face the world, when it seems like the world has you down? Whether it’s a family or relationship issue, or any personal struggle, it may be hard to face day-to-day life when we’re feeling down. Here are steps on how to get through your struggles while managing your career, family, social and love life. So that “even when you’re a mess you can still put on a vest with an ‘S’ on your chest.”

1. Make Up Your Mind → A lot problems start with “dis-ease” of the mind. If you’re going through a struggle make your mind up that you’re going to be okay. Our thoughts are very powerful, so think good ones. Say to yourself, “I’m going through a trial right now, but I know everything will work out for the better.” It may sound cliché, but what doesn’t kill really does make you stronger. Look at your situation as a chance to grow or make some necessary changes. With a positive outlook you’ll be ready to make the decisions to overcome the challenge. 

2. Talk to Him/Her → Whatever your religion, spiritual connection or lack thereof, if you believe in a power higher than yourself prayer and meditation can definitely get you through a situation when things seem out of your hands. Take 5-10 minutes to yourself each day and block out the world to meditate or seek spiritual refuge. Be sincere in this and you never know how great the results may be. As the saying goes, “When prayers go up, blessings come down.” 

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