‘Takers’ Chris Brown On His Smooth Big Screen Moves

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Sometimes there are great opportunities for singers-slash-new actors to bring their other disciplines onto the big screen. Chris Brown starred and sang in the 2007 movie This Christmas and now in his new film, Takers (in theaters now) Brown even gets to flash glimmers of his dance genius in one of the film’s most exciting action scenes.

And, in addition to being a star of the Takers’ ensemble cast, he was also an executive producer and flexed a little technical movie making muscle behind the scenes— by helping to coordinate his big action sequence.

“We got the crew together, we went to all the locations they wanted to shoot at and then we put the scene and transitions together,” says Brown. “Then I would give my input and say, ‘Well maybe I can do this, if you run this way, I can jump over the thing like this…’ I also had a stunt coordinator who was very helpful. We just really had fun.”

And exactly who are we watching onscreen in terms of stunts on screen? “It was mostly me,” Brown says. But he admits the Takers stunt coordinators were great on-set coaches. They would show me different moves, how to do them and take hits and everything. It was great.”

In Takers, Brown plays the young and smug motorcycle-riding Jesse Attica, part of the heist crew and the younger onscreen brother of Jake Attica played by Michael Ealy. Brown says the experience of working with Ealy, Idris Elba, and Matt Dillon assisted with his growth as an actor. “I’ve learned from these guys and they helped me so much on set. Especially on finding a way to just be able to ‘own’ my character. I’m looking forward to  taking my career as an actor to the next level.”—Ronke Idowu Reeves