Tank: ‘Older Women Can Be Quite Sexy’


I’ve dated older women before. Older women are very sure about what they want. They don’t really play a whole lot of games and from a relationship standpoint, most times they have something to bring to the table. It’s not just always the guy putting things together or planning the evening.

When you have an older woman that’s established and is about her business, she calls you and says, “Hey meet me at Mr. Chow. I’m treating you this evening,” or “Meet me down here at Louis. I got something special for you.” The theatric of not having to do everything all the time that makes the cougar attractive and then once a woman settles into her sexuality and knowing who she is?them older women can be quite sexy. They know what to do.

What I’ve seen, and of course, being out in Hollywood, is that a lot of older women keep themselves current as far as fashion, as far as keeping their bodies in tact. You see a lot of older women at the gym and a lot of them have drive as far as their own careers and all of that and I think it starts with the mental. That’s what keeps you youthful no matter what age you are, that’s what keeps them in the game. They’re competing with the youngsters in all areas [so] they understand how to put it all together.

As you get older you can’t lose your competitive edge, that’s what it is. You have to always stay competitive and always stay current because things are always changing and the minute you fall out of that loop, that’s the minute you get old. You got 25-year-olds that are old because they’re just out of the loop and don’t have a clue what to do or what’s going on but at the same time you got 35-year-olds that are the life of the party so regardless of what age you are you gotta keep it current. ?As Told To Starrene Rhett


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