Tashera Simmons On Divorce & A New Beginning

It’s a new beginning for me and I’m trying to do my thing take care of my family but I always hope and pray that Earl gets it together. He did so much damage to himself already so he doesn’t need me to be bashing him. I just want him to get better. At this point, what has to happen for him to really make an effort to get better? I think him turning himself in was a good decision. He told me he was going to do that so that he could get everything out the way. He said he’s trying to get his life together but for me seeing is believing. I don’t want to sound negative but I’ve been through so much with him that talk is cheap. I really have to see it. He had a lot of moments where he said he would get it together. I think the industry is in the same place, they have to see it to believe it. He has burned so many bridges that he has to show them now.

Elaborate on what that new beginning is for you.

Everyone keeps coming up to me telling me I inspired them, even Debbie and other girlfriends in the industry so I’m like maybe this is my calling. If I can do that for them, then why not women in the world? So with my book and my show that I’m working on I’m gonna talk about me being a single mom and I’m gonna touch on what we went through being with X and what the impact of it had on my family. I also have a foundation. The name of it is Women Of Strength and the whole purpose of it is, when I raise money I want to set up workshops that can help a lot of kids that have been abandoned by drug addicted parents or women or men that have been dealing with their spouse or boyfriend or whatever that have been on drugs. One thing I got out of it was with X I kind of lost myself. When you’re dealing with someone who has those addictions?the mental problems?when you really love them you really miss out on yourself. Good thing I finished school and everything but a lot of opportunities I let go by trying to make sure he was good so I’m trying to create workshops for kids or adults for whatever their dreams are.

Is getting back together with X an option?

A lot of people ask me If I think we’ll get back together but I don’t even know. I hate to say never because you never know. I’m such in a good place right now so I don’t see it.

How about divorce?

I’m not sure.

What would you change if you could go back to before X got a record deal?

I think we still would have been together if it hadn’t been for the record deal but I wouldn’t change anything because I got stronger, wiser, I appreciate life more and see things differently. It opened my eyes to a lot. I never would change anything.

How close are you with Mashonda?

It’s crazy. I heard about what happened with her when she was going through it but the funny thing about me and Mashonda’s relationship is that me and Swizz are really close. He introduced me to Mashonda. Me and him were friends maybe six or seven years before me and Mashonda became close so because of that I didn’t want to get in the middle. Me and her were supposed to do a show together so we got up together in LA and that was my first time seeing her when every thing was going on, and she was just getting my advice and we were vibing.

It was basically the same kind of conversation I’m having with you [but] it was hard for me to say much because I’m friends with him too and I didn’t want to get in the middle. He called me when he found out I was doing the show with her like, “Is it gonna be bashing? I said no. It’s very positive I’m not gonna do anything negative. It was a touchy situation but I just tried to comfort her and shared my experiences with her. I told her that she’s gonna be ok and that she has to be strong and she’s gonna be blessed regardless because God knows what happened at the end of the day.

What happened with the show?

It was about rap wives. It was supposed to be me Mashonda, Debbie and Jim Jones' girlfriend who is also a friend of mine but there was a whole bunch of political stuff with the network and they never went through with it. That’s why I said I want to do my own thing. I wanted to show the real. A lot of these shows?I’m not knocking it but I don’t think they show both sides. We really go through it. We have tough skin.

What do you want people to get out of Tashera at the end of the day?

One thing I definitely want people to get from Tashera Simmons is positivity. Anything that I try to do or bring to the table is out of my life. And I want to show people that anything in life that you go through?your storms or whatever that you deal with in life?I feel like there’s always a reason for everything. Always try to stay positive because that’s how you keep a sane mind. There’s always a light at the end of every tunnel. I’m a survivor and if I can survive all I’ve been through then anybody can do it.



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