Trina’s 3 Tips For Keeping A Relationship Spicy (‘Put Those Heels On’)

Trina is known for her sass on the mic but she also has a few tricks up her sleeves in real life when it comes to keeping it sexy. Miami’s Diamond Princess drops some gems on how to add spice to a stale relationship.



“You have to do a romantic vacation. When you’re away with just you and your partner and there’s nobody else around you don’t have to worry about the phone it’s just about you and them and what you want to do. It’s a nice way to relax and bond.”


“I’m an R&B fanatic. I’m about candles lit. I want to smell the aroma of vanilla. I want to hear slow, sexy music—that’s a good way to get in that mood. It’s just very sensual, whether you’re watching a movie, cooking dinner—whatever you’re doing. With a movie you can be so close where you end up kissing—just do anything where you can have those sensual moments. That’s a big thing to me.”


“Go and find really sexy lingerie and things that are very sexy. You want to be this exotic person that can create this fantasy world. I think that’s a great turn on. Play dress up. Put those heels on and just be really romantic it really really works.”

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