V Exclusive: Audio From Waka Flocka’s Flame’s VIBE Interview


After catching wind of VIBE’s latest online cover story on her second-born son Waka Flocka FlameDebra Antney of Mizay Entertainment has fired back claiming that her son’s comments regarding the current status of his relationship with Gucci Mane were misconstrued.

“This is what I have to say to VIBE magazine. I am really kind of pissed off at you, for twisting the words up of Waka of the stuff he said,” Debra Antney told AllHipHop.com via video interview that hit the Internet yesterday (August 9). “Like [Waka] don’t mess with Gucci, no he hasn’t spoken to him in a minute. Y’all stop using the shit of what happened, like Gucci fired me.”

The Q&A states that Gucci’s split from Mizay Entertainment has created distance and ended communication between the two rappers. “I ain’t got beef or anything but [our relationship] has changed,” said Waka, who also spoke to DJ Drama over the weekend and downplayed the beef chatter. “We don’t talk anymore.”

Earlier this year, Debra “Aunt Deb” Antney star clients Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj announced their departure from Mizay Entertainment and severed ties with their former manager. Gucci announced his decision to part ways with Antney while still serving time for parole violation. At the time, his former manager was the target of several federal lawsuits from various party and club promoters claiming that Ms. Antney booked Gucci Mane shows without informing them that he was in fact headed to prison.

In midst of the firestorm that has been ignited from our cover story on Waka, VIBE has decided to release a portion of the audio from our interview. In the clip, Flocka can be heard explaining his thoughts on Gucci and Nicki leaving Mizay Ent. and the effect that it’s had on his relationship with his former mentor. Straight from the horse’s mouth, Waka Flocka contests that he has no beef with Gucci Mane and that they are in no longer in contact—just as we printed. Listen for yourself. —Mikey Fresh