V Exclusive: Naturi Naughton To Appear On Season 4 Of ‘Mad Men’

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The seemingly cookie-cutter world of 1960s corporate culture, tailored suits and Don Draper is about to get injected with both a splash of color and hipness later this season when actress Naturi Naughton guest stars on the Emmy-award winning series, Mad Men.

“I just finished working on [an episode],” says Naughton. “It’s a great show and I’m really excited about just having been apart of it. It’s very cool.”

Since the show began, Blacks have been mostly absent from storylines in the series because historically African Americans were virtually non-existent in the show’s setting: the professional advertising world of the 1960s. Black actors featured on previous seasons have been relegated to cameo roles as elevator operators, nannies or waiters.

“It’s 1964 or 1965 now [on the show]” says Naughton. “There haven’t been any Blacks featured on the show previously because of the times, but now it’s time and here I come.”

Mad Men Show creator Matthew Weiner keeps a tight lid on details of upcoming scripts, a lesson he learned from his days as a writer on the hit HBO series The Sopranos, so naturally Naughton is mum about her role on Men. “I’m a new character and I can’t really talk about it too much because it’s super hush-hush,” she says.

But Tivo, DVR alert: Look out for Naturi Naughton when she appears on episode 10 of Mad Men. It airs Sunday, September 26 on AMC. —Ronke Idowu Reeves