Vado Talks Damon Dash, Acting With Weezy’s Baby’s Mom & Bringing New York Back (Pg. 3)


Do you still speak to Dame?

We not tight like that or anything, but I talked to Dame the other day, and actually introduced myself to him. I just let him know, I came from his block. Slime, Dame brought Posh Spice through to the block. Aaliyah, I rememeber all that. Witnessing all that just made want this more. I’m a do the same thing, tradition leads on.

Tell me about this movie you’re in, I’m hearing your some big names—including one of Weezy’s baby moms?

Queen Latifah produced it, I forget the name though. It stars Lauren London, Stacey Dash, Lisa Raye, But I can’t front I only had a quick little scene giving Lisa a handshake. Look out for Killa Season 2, though. I’m in there with Cam’ron.

You and Cam don’t collab with too many people outside of your camp, is there anyone in particular you want to get in the studio with?

Drake, definitely. I feel like I got the opportunity to make it to his level. I respect his flow and talent. Of course something with Rick Ross, and Fat Joe, on the mafia flow. I’m not going to lie, I would love to work with Kanye.

With all the talks of you helping resurrect the New York rap scene, do you feel like the city is depending on you?

At first I looked at like it was pressure. People just kept telling me I was the nicest coming out. Even the hustlers were handing me money so I wouldn’t have to hustle. I was like the LeBron James on the rapping tip. My people always believed in me, so I’m just trying to make them proud, I’m from 142nd and Lennox Ave. Y’all don’t understand how much of a landmark that is. Dame, Cam, Mcgruff, Ma$e, Big L, Millz, Max, 40 Cal… all these dudes is from that neighborhood, and I got a lot to live up to.

So I guess unlike many of these new rappers who already talk about retiring after an album or two, you’re thinking beyond that?

I got too much love for the game. For me to come in the game with three mixtapes and just a few street singles and people are already looking at me and saying “you going to bring New York Back,” or you remind of “such and such,” all these are big names. The love I get from the streets and the fans is all worth it. Flea can kick his feet up because I’m about to take this over. Light your cigar, get comfortable.


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