Video Vixen Catya Washington Talks ‘Bad Girls Club 5′: ‘We’re A Bunch Of Crazy B*tches’


Society often teaches that it’s not acceptable for women to exhibit bad attitudes, promiscuous or audacious behavior. But the growing popularity of Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club suggests the show, popular for girls behaving badly, is a guilty pleasure for millions of viewers. Last season broke Oxygen’s record for the most watched original series on the network thanks to memorable fights and explosive personalities like Natalie “I Run L.A.” Nunn and the hotheaded Flo Kaja. But new castmember Catya Washington says season five, which premieres tonight (Aug. 3), will bring more drama than ever.

“We’re all a bunch of crazy bitches,” Washington tells VIBE. “I’ve never lived with girls so that experience gave me the chance to accept people who are different from me and who don’t live the lifestyle that I live, and it sort of made me appreciate them for the people that they are.” Some of the women didn’t have much growing up while another few, like Catya, are used to living the high life.

The 24-year-old Philadelphia native has appeared in King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, and various videos like Drake’s “Best I Ever Had,” Fabolous’ “Throw it in the Bag,” and more. She is also known for dating Beanie Sigel and other celebrities whom she won’t name but she says make don’t be deceived her pretty face and taut hourglass frame because she isn’t afraid to scrap. “I’m just an honest laid back person and I live by my own rules and I do things the way I want to do them, but I will snatch a bitch,” she tells VIBE. “But that’s only when I’m pushed.”

Catya is mum on whether she will throw some bows or if anyone will be sent home this season but VIBE previewed tonight’s episode and can confirm an all out brawl with several cast members that involves one girl⎯who felt she was better than the others in the house⎯getting dragged down a flight of stairs.

“I’ll admit that our differences make it chaotic and it also kind of separates us,” she says. “But we found similarities in each other and it brought us together [too]. It was hard but we got the chance to acknowledge that everybody is not the same. There’s going to be some gems on there for [Bad Girls Club] fans.” ⎯Starrene Rhett

Bad Girls Club 5 premieres tonight at 9/8c on Oxygen.