When Solange Met Nas [Pg. 4]


“If I’m in the same vicinity as him I just hope that he does not remember me as Bow’s 14-year-old crazy, crying friend. It was really quick, but it was super monumental in my junior high. He was really nice and said ‘I heard you’re a big fan of mine. Thank you. Good to finally meet you.’ He gave me a hug and I was just really really upset that I cried because I had home training. At that point I had met so many humongous people and held it down, but Nas is just something different. But eventually I calmed down after he left because I was so embarrassed. There were people around and I’m just like, ‘this is not the look.’ And I didn’t even get a picture. That’s what was really wack about it. All that hootin’ and hollerin’ and no photo.”

Interview by Tracy Garraud
Illustration by Khia! Jackson





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