The Wins & FAILs of Kanye West’s “Power” Remix


Kanye West was universally welcomed back to hip-hop when he dropped his post stage-crash renaissance record, “Power.” It was soulful, cocksure [II], declarative. The Kanye we all knew and loved. He raised the stakes with his “moving art” music video, but does the remix—featuring a forward-thinking Hov and amped Swizz Beatz—keep his comeback trail rolling? VIBE checks the record for high and low notes.



  • Jay-Z gives Taylor Swift the Lil Mama brush off
  • The “Power Clap” 
  • Beat switch / Funky “I’ve Got The Power” sample
  • Swizzy as Kanye’s hypeman
  • Everything after 3:17



  • The rest of Jay’s verse (zzzz…)
  • Overdone chorus background vocals 
  • Kanye rhyming “As-Sal?mu `Alaykum” with “Oscar Meyer bacon”
  • Everything before 3:17



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