Young Buck Talks G-Unit Limbo & Not Hearing From Eminem Or Dr. Dre (Pg. 2)


So have you made any progress in being released from your contract with G-Unit?

Listen, in those three years since I’ve been away from G-Unit, have you once heard 50 Cent say “I want this much for Buck to get out of his contract or anything like that?” No! So that right there should be enough to understand the kind of situation that I’m in. All I need is the support of the people right now.  50’s been on a mission to starve me out.

[Publicist: “Buck can’t discuss any legal details.”]

When’s the last time you actually spoke to Fif?

I’m still stuck contractually. I haven’t spoken to anyone from G-Unit in three years including 50 and I still have albums left over there.

I know you’ve been talking to a few labels, who has stepped up with an offer?

Man, it’s about coming out stronger of the situation. I’m still Young Buck and still worth something out here. A lot of individuals would have been stepped forward, but it was on me to say “no” and handle things myself. I didn’t to bring problems on anyone else. I’m a man, so I’ll get out of my situation myself.

Your fans have really stuck by you…

I’m nothing without yall, and I’m speaking to the fans, Internet websites, radio stations, DJ’s, everyone that pays attention to me. Even the haters, I need haters to fuel my fire and keep me motivated. When you make the decision to hate Buck it’s cool because you’re making me great.

Outside of music, I know you had some other business ventures going on Like Ten-A-Key Watches, are you still moving forward with that?

All those things are at a halt right now. Those were situations that were all brought to me by my management at the time.

At any time in the last few years, did you ever think about quitting rap?

Never. Thoughts of quitting never crossed my mind. A lot of people think they’re the best and greatest, but I know I have a lot of growing to do. You got to understand I love the music first. Even if I wasn’t making any money off it—I’d still be doing music and getting it somewhere else. The love was there before the money.

So what advice would you give to a new artist who finds themself in a similar situation?

Pay attention to your business. I was aware of what was going on but for an artists like me, I felt like an opportunity to actually be able stand next to a Dr. Dre, Eminem and at the time a 50 Cent. My situation was kind of screwed up from the beginning and I’m dealing with the consequences right now.

Speaking of Em and Dr. Dre, have you had any kind of communication with them lately?

Dr. Dre is an individual who I wish I heard from at some point in time because his voice in my situation would means a lot. He don’t have to on my side or [50’s] side, but just say something, bro. I even told Game to say “what’s up” to Dre for me, but I haven’t heard anything.

How long exactly?

I haven’t received an email or spoken to Dre in three years.

That’s crazy; you put your life and freedom on the line for Dre at one point…

As far as the whole VIBE awards situation, I’m never looking for sympathy.  But I haven’t heard from Dr. Dre or Eminem… not to say my situation is any part of their business but at a point in time I was sitting in front of these dudes. And I’m not looking for them to take sides or anything, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is being done to me from their artist.

[Publicist: “If you write that Buck is dissing Dre, I’ll come find you in New York]

I’m not looking to stir up nothing, I’m just speaking the truth of that situation. But I wish Em and Dre the best of luck in everything. I’m going to be alright regardless, you can’t stop this even if you put the devil in front of me. The people are just now starting to understand my situation. One of the worst things is an individual to know that a person is doing wrong and still stand behind that person. That’s who I fear—the ones that know but are getting theirs anyway with evil. Karma is real.