Ballerific Relationships- The Other Lover

Maybe being “the other lover” is your steez. Here’s how to be just that.

In life, getting what we want requires sacrifices. Just the definition of the word sacrifice alone says it all; the surrender of something prized for the sake of something else. In relationships, we often give up the things we need for the things we want. No other person does this more, than the “sidepiece”, often known as the “sidechick” or “Boyfriend #2″. No one wants to be an option, but at times, is willing to be that second option. Here are the three rules that will help you successfully be “the other lover”.

Play Your Position

In sports, what happens when you play out of position? You get burned. This type of relationship works the same way. To avoid getting burned emotionally, you should always play your position. You’re an object of lust, an escape from the routines of their relationship, and a “sexified” playmate. Your job is to play along; not set the rules. You still want to set boundaries so that you don’t get disrespected or get taken advantage of. Always remember, no matter how much time they spend with you, or how much they tell you they love you, they will protect “home” before they protect you.

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