The BIG Q&A: Trey Songz [Pg. 4]

What was Usher doing then?
He was attempting to regain what he once had. In order for Usher to be Usher, he needed that. He wouldn’t be back on top if it wasn’t for “OMG.” With a record like “OMG,” where people are looking at him crazy like ‘What are you doing,’ it was very much the right thing to do. It was the savior, so to speak.

Agree. What advice would you give Drake in regards to his upcoming R&B mixtape? 
What’s most important about creating that body of work is that people are gonna want to see that. People are going to want to see you perform that, and he’s already created a lane for himself as a singer. Although he really doesn’t accentuate that part of him in the forefront of his shows or things like that, I think, at this point, it’s essential that the way he does it doesn’t veer people away from the message of the artist Drake is. He’s very smart and very calculated. He’ll figure out how to do it.

On the flip side, would you ever do a mixtape that was just you rapping?

You’ve thought about it?
Maybe. [Laughs]

Would you come out with an alter ego for it?
Nah, that’s where people get fucked up.

[Laughs] Have you and Drake ever talked about doing a best of both worlds type of album?
He said he’s ready. I think it’s all about when the people want it. I don’t think people are ready for that yet.

Why you say that?
Because it’s all about placement. We could be much bigger stars when we do that. It’s all about the success we attain individually.

Since you last spoke about R. Kelly, he’s put out some different songs as of recent. Do you still feel the same sentiments towards him?
The records he’s coming out with now are amazing. I’m happy to see that. To me, back then, I felt like it was a king doing things beneath him.

Would you ever apologize to him for what was said in the past?

No? Why’s that?
Because I don’t need to apologize for telling my truth. 

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