Bink! Speaks On Producing ‘Devil In A New Dress,’ Just Blaze Controversy


For producer Bink!, finding new inspiration to renter the rap game came with a single phone call and beat. After catching wind of few of Hip-Hop’s most esteemed producers flying out to Hawaii to work with Kanye West on his new album, the Virgina native simply picked up his cell and dialed an old friend.

“I was working on the Dynasty album when Kanye started coming around Roc-A-Fella. It’s like we just had a mutual respect for each other,” Bink! tells VIBE. “He used to come by my house, and we would ‘beat spar,’ going head to head with new beats.”

Almost immediately after Bink! played his first instrumental for ‘Ye, he knew that the record that would become “Devil In A New Dress” was a keeper. “The reaction I got from him after I played the beat for the first time was real intense,” Bink! remembers. “I mean ‘Ye just doesn’t react to music if it’s not genuine.”

Bink! wasn’t even aware that Kanye would leak the record two weeks back for his weekly G.O.O.D. Friday new music releases. He says he’s unsure if it’ll make Kanye’s forthcoming LP (said to be titled Dark Twisted Fantasy), but the man who crafted classics for Jay-Z has a few more surprises on the horizon.

“I’ve been doing a lot of work with Jill Scott. She just did a hook for me on a Young Jeezy’s record. I was working with the Jam Boyz in Philly, and she just happened to be singing in the next room,” Bink! says on his reemergence in Hip-Hop. “She loved the record and killed the hook in minutes.”

After remaining low-key for the last decade, Bink! is posed to make a full return to the rap game. He recently knocked out a record with Joell Ortiz that he says is the kind of hardcore club anthem that people have been waiting to hear from the Brooklyn emcee. But his return to the spotlight was greeted with a bit of online controversy.

Last week, through Twitter, Bink! exchanged words with Just Blaze over issues regarding who really should be credited with bringing the soul sample heavy production to Jay-Z. Admittedly, Bink! says he hasn’t spoken with Hov in years, but attributes his tension with Just to the words of others.

“It was just frustrating over the years for people to come ask me for sound that I cultivated by putting another producer’s name on it,” explains Bink!. “A lot of people couldn’t understand where I was coming from because they’ve never cultivated their own sound. They’re looking at me like crazy but do you know how long it takes to cultivate a sound?”

He continues, “I’m cool though, I saw Just on Twitter saying he was trying to resolve this over 10 years ago, but that could have been resolved by him doing his own thing. [Laughs] But I’m not the aggressor here—I’m the victim. They are making me out to be the bad guy. I’m just talking to anybody in this game that is taking from someone else. You can’t call someone a genius who is taking from the next man.” —Mikey Fresh