DJ Scoob Doo Talks Upcoming Lil Wayne Videos, ‘The Entourage’ DVD & ‘Tha Carter IV’

They say in the music business it’s all about who you know. For New Jersey native DJ Scoob Doo, having close relationships with high-profile rap artists is his business.

Getting his start at a small radio station in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Scoob took his passion for Hip-Hop a step further when he started producing his own behind-the-scenes style DVDs with exclusive footage he gathered by forging strong personal connections to artists such as Jadakiss and Lil Wayne.

“I’ve seen how artists make sure they look and act different when the cameras are around. But The Entourage DVD is all about my friends being themselves—these people just happen to be huge rap stars.” Scoob says about his recent DVD release.

Without major backing or distribution, the independent DJ and filmmaker garnered national attention with his Nino Brown DVD series, which chronicles Lil Wayne on tour and in his most personal moments leading all the way to his incarceration.

“I think a lot of people may think Wayne is not a strategic person and that he’s just drunk and high all day. That’s not true at all—he’s working harder than everyone around him.” Scoob tells VIBE regarding Lil Wayne’s work ethic. “Weezy will only sit down for 20 minutes out of 15-hour studio session. He just doesn’t stop.”

It’s the trust factor that allows the aspiring filmmaker to capture real moments in the lives of rap’s biggest names that would otherwise be restricted from any mainstream outlet. His latest work titled the The Entourage features up-close-and-personal footage from the lives of Lil Wayne, Birdman, Drake, and Gucci Mane.

Scoob’s Weezy-inspired relentless work schedule has his calendar booked well into 2011. Even with the rapper locked away, the DJ has stayed in close contact. He revealed that he is holding a music video from Wayne’s highly anticipated EP that should be released in the coming months of Wayne’s release.

“I got videos for the Carter IV and the I’m not a Human Being EP all ready. I can’t say the name of the song but Wayne was singing on the hook, but they’re getting Drake to re-do it and it’s off the Human Being EP,” Scoob says. “Carter IV is probably the best album I’ve heard in the last decade, but Wayne is such a different artist now that wants to record new music when he comes home. The stuff he’s talking about now is just on another level. That’s why a lot of the songs on the EP were originally taken from the Carter IV.” —Mikey Fresh