Fantasia Puts Drama To Bed, Talks Future (Pg. 3)

I know you’re limited by what you can discuss because of litigation, but is there anything you want to say about Antwaun Cook?

Antwaun Cook is a very, very good guy. I think it got out of hand with some of the stories that were told. He was something different for me. I met him and he showed things that no guy has ever shown me— that have nothing to do with sex. It was the simple things, the talks and conversations he’s a very, very good guy.

How are you approaching life to take care better yourself in case things get rocky again?

In the past I wanted to do right by the record company, by my management and family but I’ve put them first for so long that I forgot about myself. I’m taking babysteps and learning how to take care of Tasia. This go around it’s about me. This time around it’s not about trying to make everybody else happy.

What about your ‘people pleaser’ syndrome?

I’ve got learn how to say no. I’ve always had a problem with saying no to people. I always wanted to make everybody happy. I can be at the grocery store and somebody will run up to me and say, ‘I just want you to run by my house real quick and say hello to my mother.’

Really? And they expect you to go with them to their homes?

Oh yeah! (laughs) I get that all the time because people voted for me [on American Idol] and I would just go out of my way to do it. And that’s okay because I’m a people’s person. But it got to the point where I never took time for myself I was always doing, doing, doing. 

So what’s next for you?

I go on tour for the album in November and I haven’t toured in three years. I can’t wait, I would stay on the road everyday if I could. And now I’m prepared for the next journey [of my life.] And you know what? There might be some more pain to come along. That’s just life. You never know what your gonna get. But I think that after going through of all of this I’m stronger and I’ll do things a little differently moving forward. Maybe with my personal life in the future I’ll keep that information more to myself. Because who I’m sexing and kissing on ain’t nobody’s business. But expect to hear what’s going on with me in my music, because it’s my therapy. I guess that’s what makes me who I am.

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