Ice Cube Talks More Plans For N.W.A. Movie

Ice Cube has become a mogul with successful accomplishments in both music and television and now he’s setting his sights firmly on his next film project— bringing the story of his musical roots to the big screen.

“I’m trying to get the N.W.A movie made. I want to get a good script together and find a director. The movie is gonna cover how we got together, how we broke up and what happened after that,” says Ice Cube. And while he says he’s not  yet sure who will play members of the iconic 80s rap group, Cube says he’s already has clear vision on how the movie will begin and end.

“The bookmarks for the movie will be when [Dr.] Dre started DJing for his Momma doing house parties up to Easy’s [E] death. There’s no reason to go after that.”—Ronke Idowu Reeves

So what do you think? Will you pay to see Cubevision’s take on how Niggaz With Attitudes came to be?