J. Cole Speaks On The Jay-Z Hunt & Why People Want A Battle With Drake


Would you ever do an album featuring just one producer’s beats? 

Yeah. I think there will come a day when I won’t produce as much. Maybe two or three albums in or something like that, because it’s a tough job. And I don’t ever wanna be the guy that can’t get on anybody else’s [beats]. A me-and-No I.D. album or I’d definitely do a whole album produced by Kanye. Those are the guys right there. In a couple years, it may be a different answer. 

As far as rappers, you’ve just got one collaboration on the first album. Ready to talk about that Hov record?

Naw. I don’t even have that yet. I haven’t made up mind on what I want him on yet. When you have that possibility, you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. The song that I wanted him on two months ago is not the song anymore. Things are changing. 

Gotcha. You’ve also spoken about a song called “Wet Dreams.” Sounds like a conceptual record.

Absolutely. It’s a classic J. Cole song, ‘cause it’s really on some reminiscent vibe; a mixture between “Dreams“ and “School Days” almost. It’s in that vibe. It’s a real cool song, without tryin’ to give too much away about it. Everybody will be able to relate. Especially males. They’ll laugh. I produced it.

On another note, folks are saying the battle rap era is over. What do you think?

From a fan’s point of view, who are you going to get excited about [to] battle? I feel like that’s why people push the J.Cole/Drake thing so much, ‘cause I think we’re probably the first two artists that fans are super excited about. The two that they would like to see go at it. I don’t blame ‘em. But it’s just a sign of the times. Rap goes in cycles. I’m not promoting that, but I’m a competitive person in general, so I’m a fan of people throwing jabs and shots. That motivates me. 

Would you see yourself ever getting in a major level, on-wax battle?

It depends. To me, it would have to be fun. And I’m not saying it would have to be a joke battle, but for me it wouldn’t be fun if it was really on some… I don’t know. I guess it depends on the situation. The idea of that is fun to me.


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