Jim Jonsin Admits Charles Hamilton’s First Single Should’ve Gone To T.I.

Award-winning producer Jim Jonsin explains how good production can go wrong.

VIBE: Charles Hamilton received a lot of slack for his first single, “Gauchos,” which you produced. What were your thoughts on the finished product?

Jim Jonsin: I’ll be honest—I wasn’t really into that song at all. I told him and his manager that. There was another song for him that would’ve been much better, but he wanted that one. I love that beat, but I wouldn’t put B.o.B on that record either. I find Charles Hamilton to be a little strange; he has his own vibe. He’s all over the place, but he’s a really good writer and is easy to get along with. I was going to play the actual track for T.I. or Jeezy. Nothing against what Charles did, but I wish that track went to someone else.



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