Jim Jonsin On VIBE Song Tournament: ”A Milli’ Doesn’t Even Compare [To ‘Lollipop’]’

When it comes to what propelled the pop ascent of yesterday’s birthday boy Lil Wayne, there are two inarguably key tracks that played a part, The Carter III’s “A Milli” and “Lollipop.” But when it comes to The Greatest Hip-Hop Song of the VIBE Era, arguments are encouraged and ties are rejected. As proven by the power producer behind “Lollipop,” Jim Jonsin, who believes Wayne’s most successful single to date should’ve beat out “A Milli” for bracket consideration.

“Compared to [Lil Wayne] and Cash Money Records’ whole career, ‘Lollipop’ stands above anything they’ve ever had. Honestly, ‘A Milli’ doesn’t even compare. No disrespect to the song, but ‘Lollipop,’ was phenomenal,” Jonsin says. “Lil Wayne was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine after that record. ‘Lollipop is a much better song [and] clearly blew him up.”

Originally produced for Danity Kane, Jonsin attributes much of the synth-powered hit’s success to the late Static Major, who supplied the song’s addictive hook and of course Wayne who threw on “the hot sauce.”

To play devil’s advocate, the respected beatmaker shared his thoughts on the final bracket list. “I think ‘A Milli has a more traditional, sample-based hip-hop feel… ‘Lollipop is a pop record, but a hip-hop record that totally crossed over. That being said, maybe people consider it not as hip-hop as ‘A Milli’. ‘A Milli’ also made some noise, but it’s not the same record.”

As far as Jonsin finally getting paid for his contribution to Wayne’s multi-platinum, Grammy award-winning sixth album: ‘We’re still trying to get paid. Clearly, I don’t understand what the issue is. They’ve collected checks, they’re buying Bugattis, but the people that created the songs are not getting paid. And so we’re going through some things now in hopes that it gets fixed.”

He continues, “[‘Lollipop’] was like the most downloaded song in history, so pay the people who made it. It’s not your record, it’s our record.”—Tracy Garraud


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