Joe Budden Q&A (Pg. 2)

Ha! But there’s a reason why people are interested. I think anybody who has had the opportunity of meeting me would say that I definitely have a personality. Just from what you may see online, I come across as quite a character. But that “Joe Budden” character will go on when I feel the need for it to go on, not just because a camera is [filming].

You’re releasing the fourth installment of your Mood Muzik mixtape series on October 26. Why did you decide to go back to this series?

I have a lot of fans that are real interested to hear it. It’s three years in the making. The advantage that mixtapes have over actual retail albums is that you are able to do so much more as far as creative control. If you are inspired by another artist’s beat you are able to put your own twist on it. I’ve always been attracted to that.

Do you ever see yourself going back to a major label like your time at Def Jam?

Who knows? The concept of Mood Muzik itself derives from needing an outlet and trying to cut the record label out the middle to deliver directly to the fans. The fans gravitate towards [that way of releasing music]. 

There’s some talk that Slaughterhouse is close to signing a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records. Here’s your chance to make some breaking news.

[Laughs] I only know what you know. But I’m hoping to release my next studio album in the first quarter. I’m going to spend this last part of this year releasing Mood Music 4 and focusing on my lyric book that came out last month as well. It’s called Enter The Mind of Joe Budden and the fans can pick it up at A lot of my fans are very passionate and are able to relate to my words on another level. The words have become much more than the songs, so this is my way of giving back.

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