Kat Stacks Is Back, With Soulja Boy’s New Phone Number (VIDEO)


It looks like Kat Stacks is back, and Soulja Boy is going to have to get a new phone number. Kat is known for putting rappers on blast and blowing up their spots, and it looks like she is getting at Soulja Boy, again. In the latest video, Kat Stacks discusses how one of Soulja Boy’s SOD Money Gang members tried to hit her up and do business, but when she gave her information to him he put it on the internet. So she decided to retaliate with this video, talking wreckless about Soulja Boy and his homie, and putting SB’s phone number on the web. If you remember not too long ago she filmed herself in Soulja Boy’s hotel room and exposed him for alleged cocaine use. Check out her new vid below!