Kid Fury’s Blog: 20 Questions (No. 1: ‘What Does Amber Rose Do?’)


In the spirit of VIBE’s classic 20 Questions column, Kid Fury presents his own series of burning inquiries:


1. What does Amber Rose do?

2. Why are Real & Chance still on television?

3. Now that Four Loko has a hoodrat song and video, who’s gonna record a track for the KFC Double Down?

4. Why does LaLa’s son have an iPad? Did they run out of Ben 10 toys?

5. What’s worse: Kat Stacks exposing her vagina or the fact that it looks like rotisserie chitlins?

6. Is T.I. back in prison yet?

7. When is Last Train To Paris coming out? Did anyone ever plan to buy that shit?

8. Do you watch BET? If so, why?

9. What does Nicki Minaj’s real hair look like?

10. If Twitter, Facbook and Myspace were shut down, would people read books again?

11. What happened to Smilez and Southstar?

12. How long is Rihanna gonna keep that period wig on her head?

13. Wasn’t it fun watching Beyoncé dance around at a block party like regular folk?

14. Have you paid homage to Willow Smith today?

15. Have you prayed about the Bishop Eddie Long scandal, or did you tweet some #BishopEddieLongRingtones?

16. Are you still following Kanye West on Twitter? If so, why?

17. Is Teyana Taylor gonna bother putting out an album at this point?

18. How many arguments have you been in since football season began?

19. Why did Ameriie add an extra “i” in her name and is she serious with that blonde wreckage? (Experiment FAIL: The 18 Worst Celebrity Makeovers)

20. Where is Missy Elliott’s album?


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