Lloyd Banks Speaks On ‘Hunger For More 2′, Lauryn Hill & Obama Ending Combat In Iraq


Lloyd Banks is feeling like a new artist. Despite releasing freshman album The Hunger For More in ’04, the G-Unit under boss has a new vision for his solo career. With a new home at EMI records along with his cohort Tony Yayo, Banks says he’s coming full circle with his forthcoming third solo album The Hunger For More 2.

“There’s a point where people want to you win then they don’t want you to win because you have been doing it so much. I perform easier that way—when people count me out,” says Banks from Fight Klub studios in Manhattan.”

Though Banks already has multi-platinum plaques to represent his presence as a solo artist, the youngest member of G-Unit is looking to add a new chapter to his crew’s history book.

“If the G-Unit book closed today, our legacy is stamped on the cement with the Rap Gods. But I want help build something completely new outside of what we’ve already done and that starts with me as a solo artist. I feel like I got brand new legs,” says Banks.

The Hunger For More 2 is set to be released on Nov. 23. While Lloyd has yet to record any material with Eminem or Dr. Dre, the rapper hinted that his most recent trip out to Detroit may add yet another element to his project.

“I got a kid named Cardiac who did about 3 or 4 joints. I also did a record with Nipsey Hu$$le, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League but I make a lot of my music at my home and a lot of the music is there. Sometimes it’s just easier to get music done with new producers. They are there whenever we need them. But I’m not finished recording yet, and I got a  few major surprises.”