Lloyd Banks Talks Hip-Hop x Justin Bieber, Iraq & Lauryn Hill (Pg. 2)


With Kanye, Raekwon and Justin Bieber recently teaming up for a remix, we asked Banks his thoughts on Hip-Hop artists collaborating with pop sensations.

“I would definitely do a record with Justin Bieber. I think early on in my career things were a little different. Now, the fact of the matter is the youth determine which way music is going to go,” explains Banks. “When you become influential enough to control one market, I think it’s time to cross-market.”

Lloyd also spoke on Lauryn Hill’s return to New York City with her Rock The Bells performance. “I wish I could have been there. What she’s done for Hip-Hop as a whole is incredible. I’m excited to hear what her new music will sound like. I don’t think anyone has come close to Lauryn in Hip-Hop. She stands alone.”

Before getting back in the stu, we asked Lloyd his thoughts on Obama finally ending the combat mission in Iraq and the impact that it had on him. —Mikey Fresh