‘Made’ Feat. Drake (Prod. By Wrightrax) (Pg. 5)

“Made” feat. Drake (prod. By Wrightrax)

“’Made’ was definitely supposed to be for the album there’s no doubt about that. At first I was really upset about the leak, but it just ended up pushing me to go back in the studio and make bigger records. It was really a blessing in disguise and pushed me to want to keep improving and making music. Matter of fact, the record actually got me more exposure. But I definitely tightened my circle after that. I didn’t realize how serious the Internet was. Me, Drizzy and Kanye were actually in the studio for that one. [Kanye] was one who suggested that we do the record in the first place and was originally going to jump on that track. But he thought it would be better for us to just do it on some “Leaders of the New School” shit. He added a few things to the record, but WrightTrax produced it 100 percent.”