Melody Talks Bow Wow, Kanye West And Dancing With The Stars [Pg. 4]


Ha! What’s going on in your personal life? Dating anyone?
I’m not… I don’t think. [

I play it fast and loose, boo. [

Would you ever date a celebrity?
Of course, because they’re gonna understand what I’ve been through, but then you gotta know what that means.

Makes sense. Would you ever date a celebrity that had a bald-headed ex-girlfriend?
Laughs] I adore him. I do. I think he’s in the industry for the right reasons. I think he’s adorable, and I admire him for being in the industry for the right reasons. He’s always made music that you can relate to.

That’s sounds dateable, right? 
[Laughs] Oh, God.

How about about a short rapper? Would you date someone like that? [
[Laughs] No. I’m working out the genetics for the next half, so if I have boys, they’ll be set.

Ha! Is that your way of dispelling rumors that you and Bow Wow used to date?
He was just a homie. He still is. I love him. He’s great. 

Not the homie with benefits?
No. No benefits. People don’t know that he’s smart and adorable when he wants to be. Very talented actor, very talented musician—more than one reason to love him. I was like, ‘Cool. I have a buddy, one that’s not in the same group as me!’

Are you daunted by going the independent route while you wait for a big label to pick you up?
Nope. It’s whoever is the most enthusiastic about me. 

In the meantime should we expect to see you on
Dancing With The Stars anytime soon?
No. I don’t need to be dancing with no stars. It’s not necessary for me. 


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