Melody Talks The Real Reason PCD Broke Up, Solo Work & Never Returning To Girl Groups [Pg. 3]


But that doesn’t necessarily make that person a friend.
That’s just who I am…that’s how I was raised. If somebody needs an arm, here’s an arm. We’re only here on this Earth to help each other. That’s what you’re supposed to do. If you can help somebody, that’s what you do. If that person’s not harming you then what are you afraid of? Moving past everything that happened, she’s still a good person.

So what really broke up the group?
Maybe a divorce is what you can attribute that split to. We were definitely tired and worked a lot. I’m seeing these people more than I see my family. I would be hurt if anything happened to any one of the girls. Doesn’t matter what they said or did ever. You can love someone and let ‘em go. It was just time to move on. As much as I care for all of the girls, I’m going to do what’s best for Melody from this point forward. I need to do what I want to do.

Would you ever be in a girl group again if you got to play lead singer?
If I could avoid groups altogether, that would be fantastic. Because a lot of times, somebody’s in a bad mood and I can’t help but take that personally because it’s like, “What the fuck was that?” Just the whole group setting is a nightmare. 

It seems like girl groups are always destined for drama.
It’s hard to work in groups. It’s no secret that people who are creative are also very emotional. It’s tough. You take a whole bunch of Andy Warhol-ish people, put them in the mix, and you’re like, ‘Get along and do something together forever.’ That shit is not going to last. 

Laughs] Yeah, I don’t think so either.
It’s not. It won’t. At some point, I have to hide all of my great ideas because I want them for myself. I know that I can execute them. I want it done my motherfucking way.

Well there you go. How similar is your new work to PCD?
Well, it’s not similar because I’m singing it. [Laughs] Kidding. It’s gonna be fun, but at the same time, there’s an underlying message for people. Like I said, it’s important for the underdog to prevail at some point and reinforce faith in people. Music should move you. It shouldn’t just be fun. It’s not all about fun. Life is about ups and downs, so that’s what my music will have. 

Have you recently collaborated with anyone?
Yes, Dre and Vidal. I’m actually working on a song today with Dre that I wrote. It’s called “Bad Bitch”! [Laughs]

Ha! What’s going on in your personal life? Dating anyone?

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