New Music: Cam’ron & Jim Jones “Runaway” Freestyle (Kanye West Diss)

The Diplomats are back and they’re making noise with their return. With all the hype going around about kanye West’s new track, it is only right that Cam’ron and Jim Jones jump on ‘Ye’s new song and make some tunes of their own. But of course they had to take some jabs at Kanye West in the song.  Take a listen below

Here’s Cam’s verse: Cam: “…Dipset yeah you know who’s scorching this/ all of these kids should open a damn orphanage…Kanye, you a sucka n—a/dissed Dame so my attitude is fuck the n—a/ sucked [off] Jigga/ How you gonna live with that?/ Took your beat, now come get it back…”

Should Kanye respond to Cam an Jimmy? Do you think this is all just to get that Dipset buzz back? Are you feeling the track? Share your thoughts!

(Props to Miss Info)

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