One Q, One A: Soulja Boy Breaks Down His Pretty Boy Swag


VIBE: So what exactly is Pretty Boy Swag? Have you always had it or did that come with the record deal?
Soulja Boy: Wow… that’s the first question that ever got Soulja Boy stumped. I give you kudos for that one. OK, I’ll put it like this, I feel I’ve always had the ability to have Pretty Boy Swag but it became official in the beginning of 2010. [I was a millionaire for three years] but I wasn’t official. It’s the whole nine. I’ve been rich, but I ain’t always dress how I dress. I had money but I didn’t have the look. I’m 20-years-old and now it’s a movement. Of course [females play a big part in Pretty Boy Swag]. That’s why I say “All the girls are on me––swag” Like don’t get that misconstrued. That’s 100 percent real talk. —Bonsu Thompson

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