Pandora’s Box: Disgusted Dads, Fake Celebrities & Tiny


How do your parents feel about what you do, do they condone it?
It was definitely weird for my parents at first because my transition into radio was so sudden. My mom said that when my dad used to listen to Lip Service and he’d call her in disgust about things I said. But either he’s used to it now or he doesn’t listen because he hasn’t said anything in a while. I guess your parents don’t need to know everything about you. You can’t think about other people’s opinions if you want to be great. 

Have you ever been threatened by an artist for an interview gone wrong? 
I’ve never been threatened, but before I interviewed Kat Stacks I was sent word that if I gave her a platform then certain artists would boycott my show. She wasn’t that well known yet, and I guess they felt she would just disappear if we all ignored her. But she was doing a bunch of radio shows. I doubt they would have said that to a male radio personality, but as you can see I did the interview.  

What’s been your all time favorite interview? How many celebrities have you interviewed in your entire career? 
Angela I wouldn’t say that I have an all-time favorite but I have a lot that stand out to me. Gucci Mane was great, TI is always fun, Maino, Jim Jones, so many people I would hate to forget anyone. But it always feels great when people open up and have a good time. I’m sure by now I’ve interviewed at least a thousand people. 50 Cent, Eminem, Chris Rock, Samuel Jackson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, the whole gamut. 

When you interview on the the air, face-to-face, can you immediately tell if the celebrity is going to be real or fake with you?
I would say about 95% of entertainers are fake. That’s their job, and to do it well you have to pretend to be interested and interesting. You have to politic with the right people to advance, even you don’t necessarily like them. And you sometimes say yeah to things that you have no intention of doing. The difference is if you’re intentionally fake, where you talk a lot of shit behind people’s backs or fake where you’re just trying to be nice. 

Angela’s “razor tongue” can be controversial at times, Needless to say she is upholding the 1st amendment in style – Before I finished our interview – I thought it would be fun to get her opinion on some of the Hot Topics of the Summer…

People say that Tiny is a “Ride or Die chick”…  Do you think that she would take the rap for drug charges since TI is on probation? 
I think that depends on what the consequences are.  If she won’t get jail time and just probation, or very little jail time, then yes. But they may try to scare her with a ridiculous sentence, or actually take it to trial.  If that happens, then TI seems like enough of a stand up guy to not allow her to take responsibility.  And who’s to say it really isn’t hers, in which case she better own it! But remember, there were 2 other people in the car so it could have been theirs too.

Montana Fishburne made a lot of noise this summer when she went into the adult film industry to explore her fantasies. What advice would you give her now? 

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