Pandora’s Box: Mashonda Interviews Nia Long [Pg. 2]


What was your favorite starring role? Which one of your characters did you relate to the most? 
Love Jones is my baby. Nothing like black love!

What advice do you give to young women who want to act? 
Women in general need to practice self-love and acceptance. We ARE good enough, pretty enough and smart enough. This business will make you question yourself if you let it. I also think women sometimes settle. Never take less than what you deserve if you can help it. In my mind there is always more. High standards breeds high expectations, which breeds a higher more healthy level of thinking.

Stand for something or Fall for anything. What do you notice to be the most common thing women fall for in your industry? 
Aspiring actors need to know that this business is hard and has many highs and lows. You have to have your head on straight and know that 75% of what you see and hear isn’t real. It’s the other 25% that makes this business magical. Oh yeah, have a back–up plan and finish school. Love the art not the fame. Bottom line…do the work, take the classes and stand tall. 

How did you feel the night of the WEEN Awards? Where you surprised by this honor? 
WEEN was amazing! There were so many powerful and passionate women in the room. The women who put together the organization are very passionate about our youth. It’s so important that women celebrate one another. I was very touched and inspired. I cried my fake lashes off! I’m always surprised when someone wants to recognize me for my community efforts and contributions to the entertainment industry. It’s an honor, and I was very touched. There was so much love in the room. 

What do you strive for in your philanthropic work? 

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