Pandora’s Box: Mashonda Interviews Nia Long [Pg. 3]


What do you strive for in your philanthropic work? 
With my philanthropic work, my goal is to create awareness for those in need. I hope to give a voice to the less fortunate. Everybody needs something or somebody. My life hasn’t been always easy and I know what it feels like to be in need. The young women I work with are very dear to me and over the years I have seen tremendous growth. HERSHE is a wonderful organization (WWW.HERSHEGROUP.ORG) I’ve been working with the girls for about three years and I really do treasure the time I spend with them. This year we hope to raise a significant amount of funds to expand the program.

If you could create your perfect character role, who would she be? 
There is no such thing as perfect role I think every character I’ve played has been perfect for that time in my career. I’m leaning towards more dramatic material. I look for stories that inspire me in some way. They don’t have to always be happy stories. There’s a lot to learn from the dark side of life. I wouldn’t mind doing a period piece. I do feel strongly that the best is yet to come. Motherhood has taught me patience!

What can we expect from the lovely Nia Long in the future? 
I work really hard and try to make smart choices that challenge me. It’s difficult at times, but I’ve learned to appreciate the highs and lows. That’s the beauty of this business. They say everyone gets their 15 minutes, but artist can have 15 minutes several times in their career. I think most artist understand the importance of recreating themselves. I have a network development deal and a few film projects I will produce and star in. The business has changed and you have to get out there and create your own opportunities. I also have a film coming out called MOOZ-LUM which stars Evan Ross and Danny Glover. I am very proud of this project. The first dramatic role I’ve played in a long time. Feels great to do something different.  

Last words…
On my way up to present the first award of the evening, I walked past Niaʼs table and she winked at me. Her eyes spoke for her soul. This one small gesture spoke volumes of empowerment to me, woman to woman, mother to mother, surviver to surviver. I felt fearless, confident and resilient. Nia was fulfilling her purpose here on earth. 


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