Pandora’s Box: Montana Fishburne, Kat Stacks & Butt Implants


Montana Fishburne made a lot of noise this summer when she went into the adult film industry to explore her fantasies. What advice would you give her now? 
This is crazy, but I’ve met so many porn stars at work that it doesn’t really phase me that she wants to do porn. The only big deal is that her dad is famous, and she is getting a lot of flack for having spots on her booty. I would advise her to get rid of those marks, and if porn is what you want to do then work at being the best at it so you can flip it like other people have done. I mean, it’s too late to turn back now…

How do you feel about women getting butt implants and how do you think a fake booty will look in 40 years?
I think butt implants are extremely dangerous. That’s a part of your body you have to put pressure on all the time so I would imagine years down the line it would be a hot mess. I’ve also heard guys say that touching a fake ass feels like a brick wall, and that it looks discolored and lumpy. Maybe booty pops are the real wave of the future, like a push up bra for your butt.

Kat Stacks is becoming more popular everyday for outing her celeb- rity sex partners. Do you think she will be in a reality show soon?
I don’t think so, but if she did I would check it out. It seems like it might be too risky because she’s too inconsistent with her management. She keeps be- ing cool with people and then not being cool with them anymore. It’s too hard to work with someone who is always switching up, she would be too unreliable. And advertising-wise, I doubt many people would want to be associated with it. She might have to prove herself by doing a web series first. 
When I googled the word gossip I found that it means; idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. I, myself, never have much time to gossip about others (I have quite a few of my own problems to solve), but I ?gured, if I wanted to get the latest and greatest stories of the sum- mer, I?d contact The Mistress of the Morning. Thanks for joining myself and Angela Yee as she teaches us how to gossip responsibly…

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