Pandora’s Box: Raphael Saadiq Talks Love & Music [Pg. 2]

What’s your biggest record to date, and what’s your favorite record to perform?
The biggest record that I made is probably “Love That Girl.” The one I like to perform is “Ask of You”, people like that record a lot.

Which artists inspire you? What are you listening to nowadays?
I’m inspired by Little Dragon, an electro-soul band from Sweden, and Grizzly Bear, a Brooklyn based rock band. I also really like Howlin Wolf. There’s a world of musicians in Oakland, everywhere I would go there would be live bands.

What do you like to do when your not working?
I like going to the beach and drinking beer. Belgian, wheat beers. Hefeweizen beer is my favorite.

I will be honest, when I got my record deal at J Records and my first big budget, I knew that you would be one of the first producers I had to work with. Your music has inspired so many aspects of my life. How does it feel to give something so timeless to someone else through your talent?
I feel rewarded. The real reward is when people acknowledge you. It’s not the awards you get on TV. The best reward is the one you get when you’re walking down the street and someone wants to shake your hand and say “thank you” that’s the best feeling for me. I feel I’ve done something good and it was worth the pain and all I’ve gone through to get here.

What are you working on now, what can we look forward too?
I’m working on a new album right now called “Stone Rolling.” I’ve been rolling dice my entire career, taking risk my whole life, and still doing so. I’m Stone Rolling once again. I’m also working with Trint Gumbs and Martin Lawrence as an executive producer on a new show for TV One called, “Love that Girl.” It was created by Bentley Kyle Evans and it stars Tatyana Ali and Alphonso McAuley. I’m also the music director for the show. You can check it out at LoveThatGirlTV.Com

In 2005, I had the opportunity to fly to LA to work with Raphael. Not only did he re-produce my favorite love song, “Ask of You”, but in addition, Raphael sang it as a duet with me. This was one of the unforgettable mo- ments in my life. When it came time for him to play that bass guitar, my world just stood still, I was captivated. His music is timeless and he is one of those artist that never disappoints. He has taken traditional soul music to another level, and continues to reinvent himself and grow with the times. Thank you Mr. Saadiq

“I’m comin home to you, wear something see through, so I can see your heart. For night can never come soon enough for me, I watch the sky all day.” –Raphael Saadiq, “Still Ray”

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