Poll: 10 Out Of 14 People In Our Office Like Nicki Minaj’s ‘Right Through Me’


If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet today, you may have heard the new leaked Nicki Minaj track, “Right Through Me.” While some of us here at VIBE already have the pop-y hook stuck in our heads, others would rather forget it. Here’s a quick snapshot of the VIBE office first impressions of the track, supposedly a single off Nicki’s hotly anticipated debut, Pink Friday, due Nov. 23.

Thumbs Up – 10

Thumbs Down – 4

Props: Hip-Hop N More


Heard Around The Office:

“It’s a hit.”

“It’s not a hit on my radio station.”

“Sometimes she’s too over the top. A lot of this is not necessary. What she’s saying is too masculine over a feminine beat. It’s a bit too hardcore for this. Like Slaughterhouse wrapped in a lullaby.”

“It’s Z100 ready.”

“It’s not bad but I think her main audience is gonna be shocked because it’s more pop than hip-hop even though people know her as a singer.”

“I like it, definitely.”

“It’s catchy but annoying. You’re gonna always hear it and start singing but i wouldn’t play it myself. It’s probably something that has to grow on me.”

“This will not save female rap.”

“She’s like the explicit version of a Disney star. I’ve never heard anything genre of music like this. This would be the one Barbie doll you’re not allowed to play with.”

“This is some Dream shit, when you’re talking mad shit and the beat sounds completely opposite.”

“I love the song. Theres always one person in everybodys life that that song represents. everyone knows that one person that sees everythign they do that you can’t bullshit.”

“In this day and age it’s a hit. It doesnt take that much to have a hit. It’s no Mariah Carey, but the bar is so low. I would download it for free… I would steal it.”

“We won’t remember that song 5 years from now but it will be ready for the radio.”

“I wouldn’t download it. I’m not into. I think they’ll play it on the radio.”

“It feels like a pop rap record. Something that Katy Perry would make but a hip-hop version.”