Producer Drew Money Talks Creating Minaj’s ‘Right Through Me’: ‘Nicki Nailed It’


One of the most anticipated hip-hop albums of the year, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday faced some premature leakage yesterday afternoon (Sept. 22) when “Right Through Me” hit the web. 

Even the song’s producer—the relatively unknown Drew Money—was caught off guard when he checked his Google Reader feed after a late morning studio session.

“I had no clue ‘Right Through Me’ was going to leak,” said Drew Money. “All I knew about the record was that they were considering it as a single. I went into the studio with Nicki specifically in mind. We’ve never worked together before but I just knew it would be the right type of record for her.”

Drew Money’s name may not immediately ring a bell, but the producer has previously worked on records for the likes of Jay-Z (“Hello Brooklyn”), Lil Wayne (“Fix My Hat”) and E-40 (“Get Money”) before sending tracks over to the Harajuku Barbie. Signed to Spliffington Management, CEO Stephen “Spliff” Hacker confirmed that Drew will be working to add another record to Pink Friday’s final track list.

“Drew’s got a lot of things lined up with the Cash Money family,” Spliff tells VIBE. “Nicki recognized the sound and actually hand-picked this record. He’s headed out to L.A. in two weeks to work directly with her.”

With Nicki’s full support behind the record, Drew Money is confident that the track will become the femcee’s next single.

“She called me a few days ago and was really excited about the song,” Drew added. “Nicki just nailed it, I didn’t even have to touch it after she sent it back. It’s already playing it on the radio and it hasn’t dropped officially. There’s only going to be more to come from us.” —Mikey Fresh