Questlove’s Favorite Walk-On Music


1) Each band member yelling classic Sam Jackson obscenities from all his films (“Yes, they deserved to die….” “I am tired of these motherfucking snakes on this….” “I like gettin high ’cause I’m a cr cr cr cr crackhead” “Does he look like a bitch?!” “AK 47 when you absolutely have to kill every motherfucka in the room? Accept no substitute”) As he walks to the couch

2) Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes got a massive stadium rock count off (“ONE TWO THREE HIT IT!!!!”) only for his entire walkon music to be the stopwatch from his own show.

3) Heidi and Spencer Pratt were none the wiser when I played beck’s “Loser” for their walkon.

4) I got a call from Common when we played EU’s “Da Butt” for you know who [Erykah Badu].

5) Betty White got the apt-titled “Golden Lady” from Stevie Wonder

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